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Africa Mask

19th c Antique Old Carved Wood Fang Dance Mask of Gabon Africa Ngil LOT Pair


15" Vintage Antique Old Carved Wood Fang Dance Mask from Gabon Africa


​Fine Old Ancient African Dan Masque Mask Liberia / Baule Ivery Coast Africa Art


Fine Old Baule Yaure Beautiful Mask African Baule Guro Beard Masque Africa Mblo


Miniature African Face Mask 7" - Sub-Saharan Africa - African Art


Striking Hand Carved Mask 20" with stand - Africa


African Bird Mask 18" - Central Africa - African Art


Curious Hand Carved Mask 16" - Central Africa - African Art


Hand Carved Wooden Mask 16" - Africa


Lulua Tribe Congo Africa Wood Carved Tribal Mask Detailed


Yaka Tribe Congo Africa Wood Carved Mask Large Detailed


Unknown African Face Mask 18.5" w/ Stand - West Africa


Old African LARGE mask Bamana N'tomo, fur and metal accents, West Africa


Beautiful old Chokwe female pwo mask - Africa Angola Congo Zambia 20th century


A spectacular African Maiden Spirit Helmet Mask Agbogho Mmwo Igbo Nigeria Africa


​Old Ancient Africa Dan Masque Mask Liberia Or Ivory Coast African Art Baule


Bwa or Bobo Bird Mask Lizards Burkina Faso Africa SALE WAS $210.00


Bete Mask with Studded Face and Beard Ivory Coast Africa SALE WAS $690.00


Carved, Wooden Dogon Mask African Art Horned horns Tribal Mali africa 23" tall


African Mask Bakota Reliquary Gabon Africa Brass Ancestor Mask


Very Beautiful African Bakongo Mask Africa Congo Art Masque Nice Gift Mask Punu


Bembe Mask Alunga Congo Africa


DOGON Wood carved Mali Tribal African Africa Funeral Dance Mask 10.5" tall VTG


African Mask Yaka Democratic Republic Congo Yaka Africa Circumcision tribal


African tribal carved Ligbi Ghana Coted'ivoire Do mask Africa


Antique African Dan Tribal People Wooden Bagle Dancing Mask Ivory Coast, Africa


FINE Africa Baule Mask African Tribal Afrika Masque Antique African Art I Cost


Old Africa Tribal Punu Gabon Mask Maiden Spirit Mukudji African Okui Antique Art


African Mask Bakota Reliquary Gabon Africa


Kalabari Mask Nigeria Africa SALE WAS $190.00


Tribal Bambara N'tomo Horned. Wood with metal Mask from Mali Africa, wall decor


Stunning Senufo Kpelie Wooden Mask Cote D'Ivoire Africa Ornately Carved


Igbo Mask White Face Male on Top Nigeria Cross River Africa


African Tribal Dan Guere Baule Ivory Coast Mask Mouth Africa Liberia CÔTE D Art


Baule Mask Monkey with Raffia Ivory Coast Africa


MALI AFRICA Dogon Monkey Mask. Tribal Antique. Ownership Since 1987.


Africa Mask Dan Carved Wood Burnished Dan Mask


​African Tribal Mali Dogon Baule Mask Bird Cat Wolf Africa Afrika Art Masque


Antique African Lega Tribal Bwami Carved Wood Face Mask Collected Congo, Africa


Africa Dan Mask Carved Wood Ivory Coast Spirit Dan Mask